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The Permanent Solution for A Beautiful Smile

Dislike your smile because of missing teeth? Dental implants are a great solution for patients who are seeking stable, permanent replacements. One of the primary goals of performing this type of rehabilitative procedure is to restore the ability to enjoy a larger variety of foods for an enhanced level of overall health. Patients can return to eating the foods they love with ease, in the comfort of family and friends without concern. Dr. Scott can create a treatment plan addressing your needs for enhanced chewing ability, improvement of speech, denture security, and a solution for a confident smile.

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We are experts in implants that:

● Replace a single tooth – from $3500

● Seek to replace multiple lost teeth with an implant bridge

● 2 to 4 implants to retain a removable denture – from $7500

Full Arch tooth replacement with ‘Permanent’ dentures.  Commonly known as ‘All on 4’ or ‘Teeth in a Day’, this option will allow us to give you a beautiful porcelain smile with a denture that is on implants.  We offer IV sedation with trained anesthesiologists and can accomplish this process in as little as 24 hours. From $22,000.

Implant Placement and Restoration

Many offices can restore your implants, but refer you to another doctor for the placement. We prefer to take a different approach, remaining with you from the beginning of the process through completion. Paragon Dental is one of only a few practices in the area to offer patients cone beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) imaging. The CBCT scan is quick, safe, and highly-effective at providing a clear picture of what implant diagnosis and treatment techniques will be most effective. Dr. Scott can perform the implant placement surgery in our office, add the personalized prosthetic, and monitor healing to ensure your implants are perfectly placed.


In cases where traditional dental implants are too large or unnecessary, mini-Implants may be used. They are narrower than regular implants, making them perfect for replacing smaller teeth, front teeth, or pre-molars. Even if you’ve experienced a significant amount of bone loss, you may still be a candidate for mini-implants.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Does the thought of traditional dentures not sit right with you? While they may be a satisfactory choice for some patients, traditional dentures can be bothersome and become less stable over time. Consider implant-retained dentures as a more permanent alternative. Anchored by implants, this solution offers stability and the returned sense of comfort to enjoy the foods you love, all over again.  The additional stability the implants give to the denture is truly life changing.


Our CT Scanner and cone beam technology are instrumental in ensuring your implants are perfectly placed every time. We collect 3D images of the jaw and supporting bone structures, to help assist with the placement of the titanium implant. Proper, accurate positioning helps to support a functional crown or denture, facilitates a faster recovery time, and ensures the whole process is completed with ease.


We also use the latest 3D scanner for fabrication of the final restorations on teeth and implants.

Start your journey to a new smile and contact us today! We’ll answer all your questions and recommend the implant dentistry option that works best for you.