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Fear is something we all experience at some point in our lives as a normal response to nervous situations. Often we tend to exercise avoidance of these uneasy circumstances such as seeing the dentist for routine checkups. However, you can’t – nor should you have to – let your oral health suffer due to a fear of visiting the dentist.

Whether you’ve had a traumatic experience in the past, hate the sound of dental equipment, or are just stricken with anxiety, we’re here to help put your fears to rest. We offer several levels of sedation designed with the patient’s personalized level of comfort in mind. Dr. Scott can create a sedation plan that’s unique and effective for everything from simple cleanings to advanced procedures.

Oral Sedation

Some patients prefer to take a pill prior to a procedure, utilizing oral sedation to calm nerves. This trusted method will help you feel very relaxed but still able to respond as usual, while feeling comfortable the entire time.

IV Sedation

If you prefer a more advanced level of sedation, we can address the situation with the assistance of a licensed anesthesiologist trained in administering medication through an IV in our friendly office environment. IV sedation is more predictable and effective because the dosage of medication can be skillfully customized, ensuring maximized patient comfort and safety during short or long procedures. You’ll feel sleepy, calm, and always at ease throughout the entire process.

Nitrous Oxide

Another trusted sedation option is nitrous oxide. It’s an inhaled gas that provides a mild level of sedation, but also wears off quickly once the gas is no longer being administered. There are no lasting effects and you’ll be back to your day in no time.

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