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After years of traumatic childhood procedures and continued poor experiences throughout my adult life, my fear of dental visits was a 9 on a scale of 10. I figured that was the nature of the profession and I would just have to endure it. Dr. Scott has changed that experience to the point where I have no fear about returning for any dental work. He is calm and exudes a professional confidence and knowledge that puts you at ease in the chair. He takes the time to actually listen to your concerns and educate you on dental health. I couldn’t be more please with my experiences and am relieved to have finally found a great dentist. Put your fears aside, you are in good hands. Thank You Dr. Scott

- J.K.

Dr. Scott explained each step of my procedure and my dental work was completely pain-free.  The care I received was extraordinary.

- R.R.

I have had several dental experiences with several dentists throughout my life and I can say that working with Dr. Scott has been the very best by far.

- B.W.

I have had the same dentist since I was a child so when he retired I was hesitant to find a new one…someone suggested Paragon Dental and I am so glad they did! The dental hygienist Kim was a complete joy! She made me very comfortable and was so easy going and made it fun to sit and have your teeth cleaned! Dr. Scott was also very welcoming and kind! What I loved about this practice was that they didn’t try to sell me new teeth, veneers, work that didn’t need to be done etc. Dr. Scott went over everything that needed to be done and what may need done in the future. I was not pressured and I wasn’t left in the dark. I went in for a cleaning and to establish a new dentist and it went so well. The office is brand new and very nice and comfortable. There are TV’s above you in the ceiling if you choose to watch while you are getting work done. Also what I loved is since I have a fear of root canals and fillings, which I already have many of, we talked about using sedation of some sort to ease my anxiety. I am most excited about this!! If you’re looking for a new dentist in the North Hills give Paragon a try!

- K.W.

Dr. Chad Scott, and his team (with Kim, his assistant, and Shelly) are awesome! It’s absolutely the best place you can go for your dental care. I went to two other places that wanted to pull a tooth of mine and sell me implants, Dr. Scott was able to save it no problem!

Teeth cleaning and any other work is a breeze! Kim, his assistant and hygienist is so friendly and gentle. Shelly, his office manager and front-end part of the operation, is always so cheerful. She always has answers to your questions or is a stone throw from the doc. If you have any issues she follows up with you within minutes on the phone, not days like some commercial francises.

Dr. Scott’s bedside manner is impeccable. He treats you like a person and not just some cash cow, and prices are on par with anywhere else. Paragon caters to real cowards, like myself, and takes care of any anxiety or issues you may have. Paragon Dental is easy to find and travel to within the North Hills. I am not a paid advertiser nor do I receive any compensation for this review. I am just an extremely happy customer who now actually doesn’t mind running out to the dentist! A+++!

Appointments are easy to make and you won’t wait weeks or months like some “dental factories” out there. This is top-notch personalized care. Located the North Hills and a stone’s throw from Downtown Pittsburgh. You are a simple phone call away from a team that will change your life! What are you waiting for?!?!

Dr. Scott is very experienced and actually worked as a dentist at another place I won’t mention. This is where I met him. He left that practice and I was very depressed dental wise and put off going anywhere for at least a year. Then as things would have happened and the planets aligned just right, here I found Dr. Scott again! His new place is phenomenal like his care! Now I’ve been there three or four times in the past three months (catching up on care) and look forward to it! Instead of being treated like a bank or an idiot, I am treated by him and his whole staff like a friend. Genuinely they all are just good, caring souls.

Thanks, Dr. Chad Scott, Kim, and Shelly! You all rock!


- T.S.

Paragon Dental’s motto (integrity, honesty, compassion and excellence) is exactly what you will find! Dr. Scott, Kim and Shelly are an amazing team! Their combined warmth and expertise cultivate a patient first culture. Thank you Paragon Dental for creating an environment focused on people and serving as a model practice for dental care!

- N.F.

What a wonderful dental office!  The entire staff and Dr. Scott are the kindest, most caring people. I had a very bad experience a while back and ever since I have been terrified of going to the dentist. Dr. Scott and his staff and were very understanding, they were fantastic about the approach to my care through just a little bit of sedation I was able to have the dental work done that I needed with very little anxiety and fear.  I cannot say enough good things about this dental practice and the staff there!

- S.A.

This place is by far the BEST dental office I have been to. The staff are so kind and knowledgeable. The prices are not bad at all. The dentist is AWESOME!!! He really cares about his patients and did my first procedure last week and was surprised at the amount of professionalism and kindness I was shown. I definitely recommend Paragon Dental to anyone who is searching for a dentist.

- K.M.